Sunday, March 13, 2011


So my mom and I are doing some self fundraising as my hubby went 6 weeks without pay and I have been awaiting SSD since Oct 2008.  So mom use to make chocolates when I was little and she was a SAHM for extra funds.  So we got out the old molds and got to work today.  I took a few pics but will have more tomorrow.  We have items from 60 cents to $5, suckers, solids, minatures, pretzels, and stuffed eggs.  Mom put out the cost of ingredients since I don't have 2 nickles to rub together right now.  We will be taking orders until April 15th to ensure you have everything by Easter!  I will have an official order form up by Tuesday.  So luckily chocolates are made for people who need breaks often (like me!!).  Well a little about our chocolates, we do not use any wax in our chocolates, it is just good old Merckens Chocolate melted down.

Now remember to expect some slight imperfections as I am hand "painting" them and am not a painter of any kind LOL.  Well I guess I will let you take a peek at my rooster but he is a little over painted so the next round his body won't be red.  Feel free to email me if you are interested in ordering. Thank you in advance for all your support through these rough times.  They are turning around we just need to make sure we stay on for the whole ride;)

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